New series of Great British Menu serves up a treat at St Bartholomew’s Hospital

New series of Great British Menu serves up a treat at St Bartholomew’s Hospital

August 9th 2018

The Great Hall of St Bartholomew’s Hospital is the setting for this year’s final banquet in the new series of Great British Menu, which starts on Monday 13 August at 7.30pm on BBC Two.

The new series of the foodies’ favourite celebrates the 70th birthday of the NHS and follows 24 of the nation’s top chefs as they compete to create culinary masterpieces.

The grand finale, which airs later this year, sees the winning chefs from across the series prepare a banquet at the Great Hall of St Bartholomew’s Hospital to pay tribute to the NHS and its incredible staff.

The final episode also features an interview with Professor John Gribben, Consultant Haematologist and Medical Oncologist at Barts Health NHS Trust, during which he talks about a new trial he is starting to test a potential new method for treating cancer. He hopes the trial could lead to an alternative to the chemical-based cancer treatments currently available, such as chemotherapy.

He said: “The trial involves introducing a gene into a patient’s T-cells – white blood cells responsible for a variety of immune responses – that makes them able to recognise and attack their cancer. We hope this approach could still work when other types of chemical therapies have failed.”

Professor Gribben also attended the final banquet in the Great Hall. He said: “It was a fantastic occasion, combining great food with a great location. It was a privilege to be invited to the grand banquet and celebrate 70 years of the NHS in such a unique way”.

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