Barts 900 – Claire Cogar

Barts 900 – Claire Cogar

September 18th 2020

‘Secrets Beneath our Feet: the Archaeology of Barts’

Our webinar on 30 September featured archaeologist Claire Cogar in conversation with Robert Treharne Jones.

Claire is the Director of Archaeology at Iceni Projects, where her team of experts, who have worked in development-led archaeology on live construction sites, specialises in delivering focused archaeological advice.

With more than twelve years of archaeological experience behind her, Claire is currently Project Director for excavation at the recently demolished Middlesex Hospital Annex.

Previously she was part of the team at Barts excavating the area below Outpatients, RSQ, the Path block, and parts of Barts the Less prior to redevelopment in these locations, and is ideally placed to provide a perspective on such notable events such as the Roman City of London, the Middle Ages, and the Great Fire, which was eventually extinguished near Barts, at Pye Corner, on the junction of Cock Lane and Giltspur Street.

In a fascinating presentation Claire also described the archaeological opportunities offered by the restoration of the North Wing and the Henry VIII Gate.

A recording of this, and all our other webinars, is available on our YouTube channel.

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