12th-15th Century

St Bartholomew by Vicente Carducho 1576-1638

Founded by Rahere. A Royal Charter, The Book of Foundation. William Wallace. John Mirfield. Revolting peasants.

16th Century

Henry VIII (1491–1547), Hans Holbein the younger (c.1497–1543) (after). Image courtesy of Barts Health NHS Trust Archives & Museums.

The hospital is re-founded by Henry VIII. Thomas Vicary. Dr Roderigo Lopez. William Clowes. Timothy Bright.

17th Century

William Harvey

Harvey, veins and blood. Bodley and the Radcliffe Camera. Revolution in amputation. Students, the Plague and the Fire of London. Pitt and the frauds of Physick.

18th Century

John Radcliffe

A new Gatehouse. A dissecting room and a pathology museum. Modernising forceps. Gibbs and rebuilding. Hogarth and the Grand Staircase. Mad doctoring.

21st Century

Doctors consult a screen

Breast Care Centre, New hospital, Cancer Medicine Centre, Cancer Centre, Barts Health NHS Trust, Barts Heart Centre.

19th Century

Henry Butlin

A curriculum and medical education. Questioning Genesis. Dead criminals and a medical college. The first woman student. A school of nursing. X-rays.

20th Century

William Girling Ball

War wounded and poison gas, the Octocentenary, 1926 General Strike, South Wing demolished, Female Students, NHS, a new Trust, School of Medicine and Dentistry.