900 Years in 900 Stories – now on show at Barts

Adam Dant’s remarkable 900 YEARS IN 900 STORIES can now be seen on permanent display at Barts.

Barts: 900 Years in 900 Stories by Adam Dant is now on permanent display in the hospital foyer. 

Hover over or tap the image below for a preview.

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See it in person in the George V Building via the King Edward Street entrance:

2 King Edward St, London EC1A 1HQ

The artwork is on the right in the corridor directly ahead of you, before you arrive at the waiting area.


900 Years in 900 (digital) stories


To get the most from this remarkable work you can now explore stories from around the artwork in exquisite detail in our 900 Years in 900 (digital) stories interactive. 

Image Courtesy of the Artist and TAG Fine Arts


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